Like Minds LINK Alike




Bachelor Pad Magazine

The brainchild of Jason Croft (a swingin' cat we used to carouse the airwaves with), this bible of bongos, bourbon, and broads is a blast! 



The Pin-Up Files




Something Weird Video

If Super Thriller were a movie, it would look like anything on offer here!



Ultra Swank

Images of the future from the past... the perfect visuals for your eyes while your ears listen to Super Thriller!



Dusty Groove

You can drop a whole paycheck on groovy discs and vintage sides here, and that's before you've finished browsing the "A" section.  It's Super Thriller in a store!




Best Radio You Have Never Heard

Musicologist Perry Bax delivers this podcast that's always thoughtful, amusing, and loaded with good taste.  As the name implies, you haven't heard it like this before, and it begs the question - WHY?!



Mark Rizzo Design

Think SuperThriller.com's graphic design is cool?  That cool stuff is the work of Mark Rizzo (we do the cool stuff that's un-cool).  On other days, Mark's graphics are provided to very important people who show their appreciation for his talent by handing him small mountains of cool, hard cash.  He is cool, yes he is cool, he is not un-cool.   



Jonothing Web Design & Development

Jonathan McMills is a web designer / developer with a lot of impressive work to his name.  He might not consider SuperThriller.com one of them, but we do!



Narcisse Designs


Haute Couture, designer, model and Super Thriller friend Veronika as a site that's a real stunner.  It ain't just a website-it's an experience. Incredible, erotic fashions, sexy video and drop dead beatiful woman. Check it out - we mean, if you like that kinda stuff.