The 'Blade Bros. Mission


"We're not rocket scientists - we're Rock It scientists."


                                                  -The Hedblade Bros.



Throughout the ages, science has sought to unravel the complex mysteries that make up the living world.  The most complex, perhaps, being that of homosapien.  In his own way, man has evolved from inarticulate ape into a sophisticated manipulator of his surroundings and resources.  But as advanced as the human brain has become, there are constants that have stayed with humankind since the beginning:  The need for oxygen, food, water, and shelter are obvious.  Right after them, however, are the primal drives that seemed wired into the human computer.  Sexuality, play, dance, and music have been a part of the human experience for as far back as we have been able to document. 



We at ‘Blade Bros. Audio Laboratories have spent the better part of two decades focusing on man’s need for music.  Through extensive research, grueling experimentation, and outrageous acts of pure fancy, we’ve come to comprehend a lot about this music stuff.   The time has come for us to share that knowledge with the world.  Therefore, we bring you…






Deep in the bowels of ‘Blade Bros. Audio Laboratories, Jock and Jay Hedblade have meticulously collected, cataloged, and coveted hundreds of thousands of audio recordings.  Each month the ‘Blade Bros. welcome us into their secret underground bunker to sample and experience some of the audio oddities they’ve unearthed. 



But what, perhaps you’re asking, is their mission?  What scientific understanding are they after?  In short, they’ve set out to find what makes music fun.  Why is it that humans react with joy and excitement when Louis Jordan’s “Beans And Cornbread” spins on the Victrola, yet mother summoning you to dinner with the same words might not elicit such adulation?  What humorous evolutionary link is there between the sartorial musings of Dr. Horse’s “Jack, That Cat Was Clean,” “Shoppin’ For Clothes” by The Coasters and Willie Tomlin's "Check Me, Baby" ?   Why on Earth would any human be compelled to write a song about “A Convertible and a Headband”?



These are the questions that keep the ‘Blade Bros. up at night… or at least a few hours a month.  Now you can ponder it with them too.



'Blade Bros. Audio Laboratories - Purveyors of Mindboggletology